Blue Raspberry Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Classics 50ml Review

Shortfills are flavored vape juices that contain 0% nicotine. These shortfill bottles are filled with 80% of vape juice leaving the remaining space for adding a nicotine shot. Shortfills were introduced after Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into effect. The objective of this law is to limit the sales of vape juices in bottles larger than 10ml capacity. As shotfills are nicotine-free, the sales of such vape juices in bigger bottles are not bounded by TPD. Shortfill vape juices are usually available in 60ml or 100ml plastic bottles. All these bottles are short filled for adding nicotine shots. You can add one nicotine shot to 60ml bottles to make it 3mg nicotine concentration e-liquid while 100ml bottles have space for adding 2 nicotine shots.

Nicotine shots are available in 10ml bottles containing concentrated nicotine. Nicotine shots can be vaped, but they are flavorless. Nicotine shots are designed for adding to nicotine-free shortfills only. Adding nicotine to the shortfall bottles depends on your preference and the size of the shortfall bottles. You can add a maximum of 6mg nicotine shot to a shortfill bottle. Shortfill bottles contain concentrated e-liquids, so when you add nicotine shot it will become perfectly flavored vape juice. If you add more nicotine, it will affect the flavor profile of the vape juice. To make the flavor is not too diluted, the shortfill bottles are made with free space that can accommodate a specific amount of nicotine.

Shortfills are perfect for chain vapers as these are bigger bottles that can last them for several sessions. It is cost-effective too. You can buy just one bottle instead of buying several 10ml vape juice bottles. There are a huge variety of shortfills available on the market with a different flavor profile to choose from. Among these, Blue Raspberry Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Classics is one of the most sought-after shortfills due to its amazing flavor profile. It is a well-balanced mix of blue raspberry and menthol flavors that can deliver a vaping experience you never had before.

Blue Raspberry Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Classics is sweet, but not overwhelming. As you inhale, the blue raspberry flavor makes your taste buds dance in joy and tempt you to come back for more. The icy cool menthol touch provides you a refreshed feeling on exhale. This shortfill is made with an excellent VG/PG ratio found in standard vape juices. It contains 70% VG and 30% PG that is a good ratio to produce an excellent flavor profile and massive cloud vapors.

Blue Raspberry Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Classics comes in a 60ml shortfill bottle filled with 50ml zero nicotine vape juice. You can add one shot of nicotine to this and make it 3mg low nicotine strength vape juice. Dropper tip is provided on all bottles for easy refilling. Childproof and tamperproof caps are provided on each bottle. It is available for sale at Vape Green for a competitive price of £11.99. Vape Green is a top-rated online store in the UK for all your vaping needs.

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