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Endura T18 II Starter Kit by Innokin: Did They Really Improve On The Endura T18?

Finding the appropriate starting kit is an important aspect of your quit smoking journey. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular vape pen beginning kits, the Innokin Endura T18 II vape kit, to help you get started on the right foot. While we look at this device, we would also give you a tip on the best place you may want to get this from.

The Endura T18 II Kit from Innokin is a more sophisticated version of the popular Endura T18 kit. It’s a small, lightweight pen-style device that’s convenient to take anywhere. It is powered by a built-in 1300mAh battery, has three adjustable power modes, and can fire up to 14W. The battery charge and power mode are shown by LED lights above the firing button.

The Innokin Endura T18 II Kit employs the new prism coils and is compatible with the Innokin Prism T18 II tank. The Innokin Prism T18 II tank has a 2.5ml e-liquid capacity and an 18mm diameter sub-ohm tank.  It’s simple to use and simulates the experience of smoking a genuine cigarette, making it perfect for beginning vapers and smokers switching to vaping.

Inside The Box

  • 1 x Endura T18 II Mod
  • 1 x Prism T18 IIs Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 1 x Prism 1.5 ohm Coil
  • 1 x Extra Integrated Threaded Top Cap Drip Tip
  • 1 x Charging Cable
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
Endura T18 II Starter Kit by Innokin: Did They Really Improve On The Endura T18?

This Endura T18 II starting kit is available for $41 on Hazetownvapes. Hazetown Vapes one of the most trustworthy vape stores you can find. They have got you covered with everything from simple refill pod system starting kits to more complicated vaping devices like rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDAs).

Build Quality and Design 

The Innokin Endura T18 II battery is 96mm x 18mm in size, which is why we said before that it is portable. Metal with a painted finish makes up the body. It comes in a range of appealing hues and has a lustrous, long-lasting finish. It has a sturdy feel about it, with no rattles or wobbles.

Instead of being placed into the tank, the device has a quadruple adjustable airflow control built within the battery. The tank has an 18mm diameter and a 510 Delrin drip tip with a 5mm wide bore that is pleasant and suits your lips.


The Innokin Endura T18 II’s built-in 1300mAh battery delivers enough power for a whole day of moderate use, ideally balancing portability and battery capacity. You may select between 10.5W, 12W, and 13.5W on the variable wattage control.

There is a single button on the front that is easy to operate for a beginner. To switch on or off the gadget, simply push the fire button five times, like with most single-button devices. To alter the preset wattage mode, press the fire button three times and then hold it down.

The USB charging port is located on the back of the battery.


The Innokin Prism T18 II Tank was created specifically for the Innokin Endura T18 II, which has a low operating wattage range. It’s perfect for salt nic vapes or e-liquids with a low VG content but a high nicotine content. Because of the good compatibility, the vapor output is not enormous, but it is tasty and smooth. Because of the low power settings, the coil life is likewise satisfactory.

Endura T18 II Starter Kit by Innokin: Did They Really Improve On The Endura T18?

The Innokin Prism T18 II Tank has a screw-off top-fill mechanism that makes refilling simple.

Final Notes

The Innokin Endura T18 II Kit is an excellent starter kit for anyone looking to give up smoking. It is unquestionably good value for money. Various MTL vaping experiences are available because of the adjustable airflow control and three preset power modes. It’s simple to use, even for a newbie, thanks to the one-button design. Overall, the Innokin Endura T18 II delivers outstanding performance, with pure and strong taste and a long-lasting battery.

When it comes to quick delivery, Hazetown Vapes offers a same-day delivery option, which means you won’t have to wait another day for your items, depending on where you are and when you order. If you live in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Scarborough, Markham, or Vaughan, you have access to this offer.

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