Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Mixer Range Review
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Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Mixer Range Review

Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Mixer Range is a delectable blend of crushed blackcurrants and wild berries paired with a refreshing lemonade flavor that is designed to deliver an extremely satisfying flavor experience, one that you may find difficult to pass up, especially if you enjoy fruit combinations. ​

Just before we go into what you should expect from this eliquid bend, let’s take a look at where it is actually coming from, and that is none other than IVG.

IVG is a UK-based eliquid company recognized for its diverse flavor profiles. The brand was founded in 2016 as a side investment project by the CEO of a law firm, and it continues to amaze both new and experienced vapers. Their success has led to their becoming one of the most well-known eliquid brands, with products available in over 100 countries worldwide. To assure quality, their eliquid portfolio comprises over 40 formulas in eight separate lines, all of which are manufactured in an ISO 7 cleanroom utilizing high-grade ingredients.

Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Mixer Range Review

Without further ado, let’s get to what you should expect when you vape this Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG.

The natural succulent taste of spectacular blackcurrants and crisp wild berries greets your taste senses on the inhale. When you exhale, you’ll be greeted by the same berry notes, but this time they’ll be accompanied with an extremely refreshing ice-cold lemonade. The flavors combine to create a tangy-sweet berry aftertaste. You’d most likely be licking your lips after each drag.

Riberry Lemonade E-Liquid is the sweetest of their lemonade-themed eliquids. The berries stand out not just in the scent, but also in the flavor. If you prefer sweet e liquids, the ejuice is great for you, however, the sweetness may not be as noticeable if you vape it on a pod system. If you had to compare Riberry Lemonade IVG E-Liquid to a drink, it would probably be Ribena or Vimto.

The experience does not end there. Let’s take a look at another vape juice ingredient, and arguably the most important ingredients in a vape juice mixture – vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). 

Without VG and PG, you just cannot vape. That is why they are most often referred to as the base in an eliquid mixture. Just in case you do not know, it is because they carry all the other ingredients and allow them to be vaporized. In other words, they control the overall flavor and vapor production that you would enjoy from your eliquid. 

Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Mixer Range Review

That said, the Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG contains 70 percent of vegetable glycerin and 30 percent of propylene glycol. This is a high VG mix that works well at higher wattages with sub-ohm, tanks, and kits. High VG mixes are known for producing rich vapor on every exhale, making them ideal for cloud chasers.

Because of the PG percentage, you experience the full flavor just as the IVG intended. You will also notice smoother throat hits.

From the beginning of this article, you already know that this is a shortfill, and just like every other shortfill, it comes with 0mg of nicotine. Don’t be alarmed, it is intentional. It is done like this so you can actually customize your nicotine intake. They work hand in hand with nicotine shots, and the bottle comes with additional space for you to put in your own custom nicotine.

Riberry Lemonade Shortfill E-liquid by IVG Mixer Range is available in a 60ml shortfill bottle with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal. The bottle is actually filled with 50ml of the eliquid formula, leaving the remaining 10ml as the additional space for your nicotine shot. You can buy the eliquid on vapegreen.co.uk for £11.99. 

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