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TAAT Smooth CBD Cigarettes Review

The world is changing at a rapid pace. As we learn about the potentially harmful effects of many things that have become a part of our lifestyle, new alternatives are being developed. We’ve seen Beyond Meat which was created to replace meat. Now, there is Beyond Tobacco. TAAT, the Nevada-based company pioneering Beyond Tobacco, created this hemp-based alternative cigarette for everyone who doesn’t want to smoke regular cigarettes for health or ethical reasons. 

TAAT cigarettes were launched in December 2020, and they have become incredibly popular in a relatively short time. Although they’re just making the rounds, these hemp cigarettes have the potential to help people across the world quit their nicotine dependence. They could also become a central part of nicotine replacement therapy products. 

TAAT’s Beyond Nicotine is what makes its products unique. The company creates this by processing hemp using a proprietary, patent-pending technique. Hemp makes up around 90% of this product. Apart from hemp, the only other ingredients in TAAT cigarettes are water and food-grade ingredients. 

The people behind TAAT managed to make their alternative cigarettes taste like the real thing. When you smell or taste TAAT cigarettes, you’ll find it hard to believe that they are tobacco-free and nicotine-free. That’s the genius of this product. 

TAAT cigarettes contain 25mg of CBD per stick and 0.2% of THC. You won’t get high from smoking these cigarettes. Instead, they will make you feel calm. 

TAAT cigarettes are available in different flavors namely TAAT Original, TAAT Smooth, and TAAT Menthol. Let’s focus on TAAT Smooth briefly. TAAT Smooth has a mild tobacco flavor. It is similar to Marlboro Gold, Pall Mall Blue, and American Spirit Blue. If you enjoy these cigarettes, you will certainly enjoy TAAT Smooth. They taste exactly like smoking Marlboro Gold tobacco free smokes. 

TAAT cigarettes are tested by a third-party laboratory before they hit the market. To check out the lab result, scan the QR code on the side of the cigarette pack. Each pack of TAAT contains 20 sticks of cigarettes. 

TAAT cigarettes are more affordable than regular cigarettes. A pack of TAAT costs only $6.99 at the company’s online store. If you want to get more of these cigarettes and avoid having to buy more frequently, you can get a carton (with 10 packs) for only $59.99. TAAT cigarettes are only available in the U.S. at the moment, apart from states where the sale and use of hemp are restricted by law. It is advisable to check your local laws before ordering from this store. TAAT cigarettes are only available to persons 21 years and above. 

TAAT cigarettes come in the same flip-top pack as regular cigarettes. They also come in white and brown FSC branded paper and come with a filter tip like tobacco cigarettes. 

If you’re curious about TAAT cigarettes and you want to try them out, you can get a free pack using the promo code ‘FREEPACK.’ Head over to the company’s official website, https://trytaat.com, and follow the instructions to get the pack. 

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