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The Four Spirits of VOOPOO: The Ultimate Guide to a Powerful Brand

Since its birth, VOOPOO has been adhering to the spirits of innovation, extremeness, bravery, and persistence. In other words, VOOPOO advocates innovative technology, extreme product attitude, brave exploration, and long-termism. Here are the four spirits of VOOPOO and what you need to know about them.

1. Innovation Technology

Innovative technology is the engine of VOOPOO’s development. VOOPOO has its own research and development team GENE Chip R&D Team which is composed of the world’s top chip R&D masters. This team has a profound understanding of product technology and has more than 10 years of experience in chip development. It has launched various types of chips such as GENE Fan, GENE TT, GENE AI for different products with high performance. 

The VOOPOO team has always been known for its innovation and creativity. They have developed over 1000 patented technologies. The innovative Gene Chip system, used in all vape devices to allow you to adjust your settings quickly and precisely.

Every product they make is made with innovation in mind-pushing past preconceived boundaries of how vaping products should work.

2. Extremeness

VOOPOO is well-known for their “extreme” product attitude-they don’t make a lot of products that look like anything else on the market. They are widely known as an industry leader when it comes to unique designs, features, and functionality.

Their products are also known for being “extreme” in another sense: they look good while also performing at an incredible level. Their Drag series is widely regarded as some of the best performing vapes on the market. The spirit of extremeness is combined with a passion for life. VOOPOO believes that everyone should be able to express themselves freely and live fully-and they’re always looking for new ways to help people do that.

Extreme product attitude is another key aspect of VOOPOO’s tech culture. We are committed to creating high-quality products that push the industry forward. Our advanced GENE Chip technology allows us to achieve extreme power and performance in our products-like the 200W of output power in our new ARGUS GT 2 box mod kit or the incredibly accurate MAAT TANK NEW.

3. Bravery

Our bravery also drives us to remain at the forefront of vaping technology. By continually exploring new ways to innovate, we are able to provide the most advanced vaporizers and accessories on the market. VOOPOO wants you to be brave-to take risks, explore new areas, and challenge the status quo. They believe it’s important to step outside your comfort zone in order to grow and develop as a person or company.

So we got to work! We made it our mission to create a product that was both powerful enough to fulfill its purpose without requiring constant maintenance or attention. We believed in ourselves and our vision, and we didn’t let anything stop us from achieving it.

We have created four major product series – DRAG, VINCI, ARGUS and V. We have explored three major atomization platforms – PNP, TPP and ITO, as well as the GENE chip platform.

4. long-termism

In today’s rapidly changing environment, long-term thinking about the future is becoming more and more important. The focus of VOOPOO is to stick to long-termism value. Facing the common development problems of the industry, VOOPOO is opening up a unique innovative development path.

“In terms of long-term investment in technological innovation, we must operate and plan in a long-term manner. We must dare to embrace uncertainty, strengthen joint innovation with partners, and truly realize the path from technology to products.” Founder and CEO of VOOPOO EVEREST emphasized.

And the future of the industry is bound to be the victory of long-termism. This is a road that will become less and less lonely.

We believe that with these spirits, VOOPOO will continue its journey to excellence to ensure they make the best vape, delivering products that delight customers all over the world. Our products are known for their quality, but we also take pride in the fact that they look incredibly cool, too. Just look at our GENE chip-it’s not enough for us to provide our customers with the best vape experience in the world; it also has to make them look great while they’re trying out all kinds of fun new flavors and mods!

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