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STLTH and Vuse Alto Pods Review

The vaping world is always evolving. Every now and then, we get new products that blow us away. The latest sensations are the reusable STLTH and Vuse Alto pods. Both pods are lightweight, easy to use, and offer better comfort. Here is everything you need to know about these revolutionary products.


While they are not reusable, STLTH pods are revered for their design and performance. STLTH pods have a simple design which makes them ideal for beginner vapers. Besides the design, STLTH pods also come in different attractive colors, including black, grey, n navy.

Besides the design and appearance, STLTH pods also perform excellently, which explains their high demand. First, they come with a robust 420 mAh which takes only 30 minutes to charge fully. Once fully charged, the pods can give you an average of 200 puffs and can last the whole day.

Second, each pod comes with a 2.0ml of premium e-liquid, which comes in either 35 or 50mg. There are different flavors that the reusable STILTH pods have, including honeydew menthol, tobacco blend, and strawberry.

Benefits of Using STILTH Pods

There are several features that make the reusable STILTH pods advantageous. First, they are the perfect choice to start the journey to quitting smoking since the e-liquid is diluted.

Second, the STILTH pod systems use nicotine salts, which suppress the smoking craving, which is common among cigarette smokers. Interestingly, STILTH vapers are less likely to get addicted.

Third, given their small size, STILTH pods are the perfect choice for people who prefer vaping secretly. Besides the small size, the numerous flavors give you the freedom to vape without raising eyebrows.

Vuse Pods

The Vuse Alto Pods are the face of sophistication, and their quality is unparalleled for several reasons. First, the pods weigh just 23 grams and are small, which makes it easy for them to fit in small spaces. Second, they come in various colors, from gold to matte black, graphite, and silver.

Third, the alto pods have a 350 mAh battery and USB charging port. Once fully charged, the pods can last you the whole day and give you about 195 puffs, depending on the inhalation.

Fourth, you can choose your favorite alto pods based on their flavors from Hazetown Vapes. The most common e-liquid flavors in the pods include Smooth Mint, Cool Peppermint, Mango, Polar Mint, Smooth Tobacco, Golden Tobacco, and Lemon Berry.

The standard Vuse Alto Pod comes with 1.9ml of vape juice with varying concentrations. Depending on your needs, you can choose 18mg, 34mg, or 47mg.

As the demand for STLTH and Vuse pods keeps going sky-high, different sellers have been hiking their prices. The only way to get value for your money and incredible deals on every purchase is by buying these pods from Hazetown Vapes. It is among the largest vape shops in Canada and operates both online and several physical shops. Visit the website and place your order, and you will get the vape pod within the shortest time possible.

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