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Puff Bar Disposable Vape Review

Puff bar disposable vape is an exciting and convenient device that makes vaping fun and fulfilling. This device requires no maintenance and is pre-filled and pre-charged, so all you need to do is fire it up and begin your vaping session. Puff Bar is one of the leading vape brands on the market. The company has, over time, proven itself a force to reckon with when it comes to producing top-tier products with rich features. Below is a highlight of one of the most sought puff bars vape – the Puff Bar disposable. 


E-liquid capacity

Puff bar disposable vape has an e-liquid capacity of 3.2ml, enough to last you a few days of satisfactory vaping. This e-liquid capacity is the selling point for this device and has been very instrumental in making the device popular among vapers.

Tobacco-free nicotine

When purchasing vapes, vapers have repeatedly shown interest in disposables that are made with tobacco-free nicotine. That is to say, they contain synthetic tobacco prepared in the lab. Tobacco-free nicotine is considered to be technically safer and is highly preferred by vapers, and this has led to high demand for puff bar disposable vape.

Integrated battery

Puff bar disposable vape has an integrated 250mAh capacity that supports a wholesome amount of puffs per unit, ensuring you enjoy a great vaping experience in the long run. This battery capacity is among the most common in the market and has hence attracted a high number of vapers over time. If you are looking for a popular and greatly reviewed disposable vape then this puff bar disposable vape is your ultimate choice. 

Salt nicotine

Puff bar disposable vape has an amazing feel on your throat due to the use of salt nicotine that ensures a smooth experience. Salt nicotine ensures a balanced amount of PH in the e-liquid, making it very comfortable to vape on and giving immense enjoyment. Salt nicotine levels are 50mg in puff bar disposable vapes, an amount that ensures you have your nicotine cravings well taken care of with every draw.

Puffs per device

Most vapers have the puff count of their preferred devices as their ultimate consideration when making a purchase and they tend to choose the device with their most desirable number of puffs per unit. This puff bar disposable vape has an average puff count of 400 puffs per device giving you a wonderful vaping experience with a long-lasting impression on your taste buds.


Puff bar disposable vapes have developed the most delicious flavors that are well crafted and perfectly blended to make unique tastes. Flavors from the highest portion of customer preference since they give the first impression of a vape from the feel and taste. These flavors are strawberry banana, tangerine ice, and pineapple lemonade. The flavors perfectly mimic the taste of pure fruits, earning the puff bar disposable vapes a top position in the industry.


As a vaper who values money, and time, and has a taste for elegant devices, this puff bar disposable vape is your most preferred device that could make your life easier with its tantalizing flavors and amazing features. You should consider adding this device to your disposable vape collection.

Where to purchase the Puff Bar disposable vape

You can purchase the Puff Bar disposable vape from the West Coast Vape Supply website. This leading vape store provides vapers with a wide range of premium vape products at the most affordable rates. The Puff Bar disposable retails at $5.99. Visit the site for numerous deals and discounts

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