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Seahorse Pro Plus Nectar Collector Review


As the next-generation electronic nectar collector, the seahorse pro plus nectar collector is an improvement of the Seahorse pro dab pen. At the same time, the design and aesthetic elements do not depart from the original seahorse, the magnetic coil cap on the latest Seahorse pro plus makes it rather convenient. In addition, with the magnet, you can’t drop off the coil. A detachable glass mouthpiece makes it easy to clean. Cleaning the seahorse with a brush can damage the tip.  Moreover, allowing concentrates to build up on the tip or inside the airways can harden or damage the tips. However, burning all the distillate off the tip can help the tip last longer.   

The Seahorse pro plus vape has a new tip than the predecessor. The quartz tip is made of clear glass as a design feature that allows wax vaping.

Despite the small size, the 650mAh inbuilt battery can last you 12 dabs with ease. However, this is also pegged on mode and temperature settings variables. You can charge the Seahorse Pro Plus through a type C USD connector.  

One main advantage of the Seahorse pro plus is its compatibility with all 510 thread tips.

How To Use The Seahorse Pro Plus

The Seahorse Pro has both a manual and session mode. Press the power knob 5 times fast to turn on the device. Press the power knob twice quickly to change between voltage modes.

The seahorse Pro Plus comes with two dubbing modes; automatic and manual. The manual mode allows you to change between voltage modes. 

Again, voltage settings or modes have different color lights. Blue represents mode 1, with 3.2v, purple mode 2, with 3.6v; and white mode 3, with 4.1v. So, once you select the desired temperature, press and hold the power knob to heat the tip.

Then start fiddling in the manual mode.

To activate the session mode, press the power button 3 times faster. A visible flashlight would indicate that the vaporizer pen is pre-heating. While the pre-heat takes 15 seconds, it holds the set temperature for 30 seconds, suitable for a dabbling session.  

You can try Pro Dab Pen when looking for a high-quality, optional dab pen. The gadget is not only miniaturized but also portable. Again, the gadget’s-friendliness brings about a remarkable experience.  The Seahorse Pro will deliver a memorable session to you and your friends.

Seahorse Pro Plus Features and Specifications

The seahorse pro plus has endearing specs making it popular among vaping enthusiasts. The gadget is anything but compact and portable, with 33.6mm x 147.2mm in dimension. Again, the dimensions make the design convenient. The 650mAh inbuilt rechargeable power unit with Micro-USB Charging Port guarantees your dubbing experience. While easy to clean, heat up, and change between voltages, the manual and auto modes enhance the experience. Lastly, connecting water takes the Seahorse pro plus a notch higher than its predecessor.   

The Bottom Line

The Seahorse Pro Plus by Lookah has no match. You get an astronomical experience from the first puff as an alternative vaporizer. Head to Superstrain and grab LoLookah’seahorse Pro to enjoy the next-generation device’s versatility. Lastly, the device is designed with different features to enable you to experience your concentration in the best way possible.

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